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Mangaluru Smart City Command Control Centre Project has Gone Live

Mangaluru Smart City will be one of the first smart cities in Karnataka to go live. The Integrated Command and Control Centers (ICCC) of Mangaluru Smart City, a major component of the Smart City Project. is already being used as a war room for the administrators to combat COVID-19 pandemic.

Mangaluru Smart City Command Control Centre Project has gone Live

A high-level delegation of authorities from the State government including: Chief Secretary Shri T M Vijay Bhaskar, Chief Secretary of Karnataka, Smart City Mission Director Shri Charulata Somal, and Shri. Nazeer, Managing Director, MSCL, who visited ICCC and inspected the live applications, expressed confidence that the entire project can be operational within next two to three months.

Project will have positive impact on the lives of citizens of Mangaluru. The city is now equipped to handle any disaster through the proven ICCC Infrastructure and its live IoT based applications.

ICCC has come in handy for city administrators who aim to use analytics to predict the spread of the pandemic and to deploy emergency response resources. The District Administration under the leadership of Deputy Commissioner Shri Sindhu B Rupesh took over the ICCC from March 24th 2020 immediately after the announcement of the very first lockdown in Karnataka to combat the COVID-19. The Police, the District Health Officials, Disaster Management Officials, Relief Distributors, Mangaluru Smart City Limited along with 24X7 support converted the ICCC into COVID-19 War Room.

The ICCC has also become a 24X7 dedicated Call Center with helpline No 1077 operationalized for preventing, monitoring and controlling the deadly virus. Telemedicine services are provided for advising the citizens under self-quarantine. The Command Centre has become the single point control for Multi-location, Multi-department and at Multi-level activities. It is fully equipped to monitor, collect, consolidate, and report real-time data on the pandemic which is the complete application of Disaster Management & Emergency Response (DM&ER) solution.

Along with Disaster Management & Emergency Response, other major IoT applications like monitoring City Bus Transport (Intelligent Transport Management System); City's House to House garbage collection (Solid Waste Management System); Air Quality of the City (Environmental Sensors); City Surveillance (CCTV Cameras); Variable Message System; Public Address System (PAS), Geographical Information System (GIS), One Touch Mangaluru (Web) and other technology enabled solutions are deployed and functioning 24x7.